Current Cohort

Heisenberg I-Fellow - Ric Fleisher

Mr. Fleisher is as synonymous with innovation as he is with his ninja-like, kick-ass ability to replicate and promulgate important stuff like the kind of things that make a business successful. 


Known as the Thomas Edison of the DMV which is frequently referred to as the Menlo Park of the southeast (the Menlo Park of NJ not Menlo Park of CA) below the Mason Dixon line, Ric has made and continues to make heroic contributions to the growth of the Washington Regional startup ecosystem.

Heisenberg O-Fellow - Scott Stephens

Mr. Stephens has a long and varied history of original thought. He is by nature an out of the box thinker who has shaped the transformation of corporate visions for many of the worlds most innovative and influential enterprises.

Mr. Stephens is a likely candidate for the Public Relations Hall of Fame and is frequently quoted in the global broadcast and print media. As eloquent a speaker as he is a natty dresser.

Mr. Stephens is the pride of Elmira college for his contributions to industry and to public service. 

Heisenberg T-Fellow - David Sandrowitz

Few business executives have demonstrated greater vision and thought leadership than Mr. Sandrowitz.

David, as his friends who don't know him very well call him, is a serial entrepreneur, a noted Venture Capitalist, and former venture partner in the prestigious firm of Fortify.VC. He's an active Angel Investor and philanthropist and noted philosopher who has significantly improved his grooming habits over the years.

Known as "Sandman," by his real friends, he is a distinguished graduate of Rutgers University or as it is frequently referred to the Princeton of New Brunswick

Heisenberg A-Fellow - Joshua Konowe

Best known for his Global Ted Talk Tour in search of the mythical holy grail of business, trust, Mr. Konowe is frequently  credited with the famous quote, "Authenticity is the key to business trust and those with the ability to fake authenticity will reap limitless untold rewards." He is unquestionably the epitome of a Change Agent. 


Known by many in entrepreneurial circles as Doctor Konowe, for his ability to know if a product idea will or will not move a market. Mr. Konowe joins Mitch McConnel as a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky where both alumni work hand-in-hand to advance the Universities scope and reach 

Past Cohorts


2017 Cohort

  • Patrick Smith - Territory

  • Hemang Ghadia - Revmetrix

  • Sean Griffey - Industry Dive

  • Raj Khera - Mailer Mailer


2016 Cohort

  • Martin Ringlein - nVite

  • Raj Bashkar - Hurdlr

  • Maxim Leyserovich - nClud

  • Judy Schramm - Proresource


2015 Cohort

  • Joe Enrico - Sky Creek

  • Glen Hellman - Driven Forward

  • Tom Davidson - Everfi

  • Valerie Kaufman - Feasty

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