The Institute and Our Mission

Founded thanks to a generous grant by friends of Heisenberg, a society of prominent philanthropists who honor their founder Werner Heisenberg, noted theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged as the father of quantum mechanics.


The vision of  Heisenberg Institute is to promote the global good and to create the next generation of transformational change agents to achieve unprecedented levels of societal progress. The Heisenberg Institute leverages this vision by accelerating the development of high potential young leaders through financial investment and by harnessing executive insights via a customized leadership development program known as the Heisenberg Fellowship.


The prestigious Heisenberg Fellowship anoints our scholars or fellows imbuing each fellow with the resources required to empower our fellows to obtain their full potential.

In the spirit of Professor Heisenberg, the institute recently initiated the Heisenberg IOTA Fellowship. Selecting some of the greatest minds in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship and showering them with the capital and resources to impact all of mankind. Fellows are chosen based on their distinguished accomplishments and are pointed towards certain tracks. Tracks include:


  1. I-Fellow or Innovator - I-Fellows combine superior cognitive skills, behavioral skills, functional skills, & technical skills resulting in world-class innovative solutions 

  2. O-Fellow or Outside The box Thinking - Outside The Box Thinker - O-Fellows think differently redesigning how the humans see the world

  3. T-Fellow or Thought Leader- T-Fellows create the messages that ignite the thinking of fellow doers

  4. A-Fellow or Change Agent - A-Fellows make things happen through inspiring, motivating and influencing others

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